The Well Beings are a friendly reminder to students that Youth Headspace is available to them whenever they need it. They were illustrated by CYC member Sophia Salehi.

The Self-Actualizing Axolotl

Did you know axolotls can heal themselves? 

We chose to include this Being because with the right resources and routines, we can rely on ourselves to find balance and calm.

BFF Otters

Through ups and downs, we’re in it together. 

We chose to include this duo because so much about mental health is about support and leaning on the people we love and trust when we need help. We love these two together and encourage you to share this site with your otter half. 

Plant Lady

Self-care is similar for plants and people. 

Make sure to drink enough water and get some sun. 

Flying Squirrel

Taking a leap can be stressful, but flying is fun. 

We included a flying squirrel because once you know how to deal with nerves, you can enjoy the view.

Hug Me Hedgehog

Everyone can get bristly. 

We included this Being, because even hedgehogs need a hug. 

How can we protect our well-being?