Mental Health Looks Different For Everyone

Mental health is and has been an issue for youth nationwide, and yet resources for mental health support often come off as inauthentic, difficult to access, or not helpful. To create this site and the Youth Headspace campaign, we asked youth to share the resources they turn to—from songs and quotes to games and hotlines. 

We recognize that mental health struggles look different for everyone, so support and resources also need to look different. On one day, a joyful playlist might pick you up. On another, a self-care practice can help you center yourself outside of school. And on another, seeking the support of a mental health professional might be what's needed. The diversity of resources on this site reflect those changing, varied needs while working to destigmatize the topic of mental health as a whole. 

Why Did You Choose to Spread Awareness Through Something Creative, Like a Campaign?

We opted for a campaign to make the information more easily accessible. Many people, not just youth, don’t want to sift through data and papers for mental health information. This website gives us the ability to emphasize the content students say they want, and gives the project a unique CYC personality that is both eye-catching and thought-provoking. We launched the campaign with a sticker pack that went to youth in Cambridge. 


Reflecting on the ways that CRLS has traditionally taken to care for youth mental health has definitely been one of our driving inspirations. As a youth group, along with many other youth organizations in Cambridge, we are taking the initiative to amplify our own perspectives on mental health and similar issues.